Miron Glass

We aim to offer the purest body and home care items possible. To accomplish this, we have to store our products in a way that protects their potency and life without adding any dangerous chemicals or preservatives. We dug into the research and after much contemplation, we decided the best way to offer our customers highest quality products was to select Miron glass jars and bottles. Miron glass is a deep purple color and very different from your average glass bottle or jar. Clear, blue, green, and brown colored glass bottles/jars all allow visible light to pass through to the product contained within. This means that the delicate ingredients, those same ingredients that are supposed to supply nourishment to your skin, would be degraded. Ingredients simply cannot stay as fresh when exposed to visible light. This is what makes Miron Violet Glass so special. The completely unique properties of Miron glass means that only violet light and the spectral range of UV-A and infrared light can pass through while all visible light cannot. These frequencies of light have been found to protect while visible light accelerates decomposition. UV-A light, which can pass through Miron glass, is responsible for slowing down growth of bacteria, mold, and pathogens. Infrared light, which Miron glass also allows through, has been shown to have healing properties. The dynamic energy of the nourishing products contained within this specialty glass is preserved thereby making it perfect for storing any type of remedy including ones for your skin.