Ingredients Allergies Precautions


Because we use many unrefined and herbal ingredients, it is possible to find some tiny fragments of organic materials such as herbs from an oil infusion in you product. Since we make all of our products in very small batches, and we use no water in our recipes, we have no need for preservatives. We feel confident saying that our products should last approximately one year from the time that you receive them. Keeping all of the products clean and dry by not using wet hands to scoop out any of the products will help all of the products stay fresh.
Since we use only natural ingredients and no fillers or chemical stabilizers, sometimes the products can separate a bit (ex. white flakes of cocoa or shea butter in a salve or cream or product “pulling away” from the sides of a jar) when exposed to extremes in temperature over time. This does not affect the quality of the product or the moisturizing effects; it is simply just a change in appearance and sometimes the texture. To return any of the creams, balms, or salves to their original state (this does not include any of the whipped butters!), it is simple to place the tin in a heat proof dish and heat up the cream gently in a low temperature set oven (please use caution and let the dish/tin cool before touching as the tin can get very hot even in a low temp oven!). After cooling, the product will once again regain its original consistency.


While our products are considered safe for most skin types, some people can be sensitive or allergic to the natural ingredients. This is highly dependent on the individual and while an ingredient is ideal for one person, it could cause a reaction in another. Each of our products contains a complete list of ingredients so you can make a determination about what is right for you. It is wise to always read the ingredient label before each purchase as we do sometimes change formulations. We do not recommend using our products on open or deep wounds.

As with all topical items, it is wise to always do a skin patch test or even an allergy test to check for any reactions before using on large areas. Always use caution if applying to open wounds. If you find you are sensitive to essential oils or CO2 extracts, we do offer essential oil and extract free alternatives. Immediately discontinue use if irritation occurs with any topical product. If you have severe/anaphylactic reactions to certain ingredients, we cannot guarantee purity of our products. Just because that ingredient is not in a product does not guarantee that it has not been exposed to other ingredients.

Herbal Warnings

Persons with contact allergies to any herbs, but especially those in the Asteraceae, or Compositae family should exercise caution with our herbal items. We do use comfrey in some of our herbal items and while many herbalists and studies agree that it is beneficial and safe used only topically (not internally) and not in huge doses for extended periods of time, there is a warning with comfrey from some to not use this herb if you have liver damage or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Shea Butter: While it is rare, some people can have a reaction to shea butter. There is some concern that those who are sensitive to latex might react to shea butter. However, testing has shown that very little of the protein that causes the allergy ends up in the shea butter. But we always advocate for our customers to be safe with shea if they have a latex or nut allergy. After all, each person’s skin is unique!
  • Coconut: We list every ingredient in all of our products so please read the ingredient list carefully. Many of our products are coconut oil free.
  • Cocoa Butter: Even for individuals with a chocolate allergy, cocoa butter does not seem to cause a reaction. However, we encourage our customers to be safe with cocoa butter containing products if they do have or suspect an allergy.
  • Essential Oils: While essential oils can be lovely to smell and incredibly healing, always exercise caution with their use. We use amounts deemed to be safe by certified aromatherapists. But what is considered therapeutic and safe for one individual may cause a reaction in another. Essential oils can cause irritation localized to the area where the product has been applied, phytotoxicity if exposed to the sun directly after application (typically only certain oils cause this reaction), or sensitization. Sensitization is the most severe reaction to an essential oil and is an allergic reaction that shows up in places other than where the product was applied. Signs of sensitization include a rash with inflammation, or other raised, bumpy, itchy skin patches of skin. Again, while we use low amounts of essential oils in our products, sensitization does not have to be related to dose. However, sensitization is always related to multiple exposures of an essential oil. Only a small percentage of people have sensitization reactions.
    CO2 Extracts: We recommend using the same caution with the CO2 extracts that we do with our herbs and essential oils.

    Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

While we strive to only using the safest ingredients in our products, including a low percentage of essential oils, we still recommend using your own instincts with all items. We also always recommend discussing your skin care products with a health practitioner whom you trust as well as doing your own research. Everyone is different and can respond to skin care products differently especially during pregnancy.