Green Earth Naturals

Better for you and the earth!

We have an uncompromising commitment to your wellness and the environment.  We are dedicated to not only providing items that are safe and healthy for you, but also not a burden on the earth.


We reuse all packaging that is sent to us whenever possible.  If there is no way to reuse the packaging, it is either recycled or composted.  Because we reuse all packaging, you may receive an item with packaging that may not be biodegradable/sustainable. You can easily recycle these packing materials or choose to also reuse it again and give the packaging even more use.


If reusing is not an option, we recycle or compost all other waste.  The compost is then used as garden soil.

We seek out companies that have standards similar to our own and that emphasize both high quality, and personal and environmental health.

Product Packaging

We aim to offer the purest body and home care items possible.  To accomplish this, we have to store our products in a way that protects their potency and life without adding any dangerous chemicals or preservatives.  We dug into the research and after much contemplation, we decided the best way to offer our customers highest quality products was to select Miron glass jars and bottles.

Miron glass is a deep purple color and very different from your average glass bottle or jar. Clear, blue, green, and brown colored glass bottles/jars all allow visible light to pass through to the product contained within.  This means that the delicate ingredients, those same ingredients that are supposed to supply nourishment to your skin, would be degraded.  Ingredients simply cannot stay as fresh when exposed to visible light.  This is what makes Miron Violet Glass so special.  The completely unique properties of Miron glass means that only violet light and the spectral range of UV-A and infrared light can pass through while all visible light cannot.  These frequencies of light have been found to protect while visible light accelerates decomposition.  UV-A light, which can pass through Miron glass, is responsible for slowing down growth of bacteria, mold, and pathogens. Infrared light, which Miron glass also allows through, has been shown to have healing properties.  The dynamic energy of the nourishing products contained within this specialty glass is preserved thereby making it perfect for storing any type of remedy including ones for your skin.

Shipping boxes and envelopes

Depending on the size and weight, products will be shipped in a sturdy shipping box or bubble envelope. We strive to use the most affordable shipping methods possible in order to pass that savings along to you.  Much of Green Earth Naturals packaging is from reused and/or recycled materials.  If you receive any form of plastic in your boxes, rest assured that we are reusing it since it was sent to us in one of our shipments.  We never purchase plastic to use in any of our shipments.

We use EcoEnclose for much of our packaging materials/boxes; however, we do use USPS boxes (also from recycled content) when the shipping is more affordable (ex. flat rate boxes and regional rate boxes often save you in shipping costs!).  We absolutely love EcoEnclose because it is made in the USA from 100% post-consumer and post-industrial content.  The packaging, including the tissue paper, is fully recyclable and biodegradable, and there is absolutely no virgin fiber content.

Palm Oil Pledge

We are concerned about both the social and environmental impacts of palm oil production around the world.  The is why we only use sustainably harvested palm oil products that have been certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).  This oil has been identity preserved and inspected.