Green Earth Baby Balm

1 Ounce Tin

Our Baby Balm was created specifically to heal delicate skin.  It was crafted using organic herbs infused in organic extra virgin olive oil. We infuse the oil until it is incredibly potent and then combine it with natural beeswax.

We use this salve on any and all skin irritations to include bug bites, scratches/cuts, and all sorts of rashes.  Additionally, we have found it very safe to use as a soothing and healing diaper cream, and it has caused no issues with our cloth diapers, but always use caution and follow the diaper manufacturers directions regarding using any creams/salves.

Ingredients:  Organic olive oil infused with the organic herbs of calendula, chamomile, helichrysum, plaintain, comfrey, and chickweed.  This nourishing oil is combined with natural beeswax to formulate an amazingly healing salve.